New York Weekend Recap

Hi there. How was your weekend?? I had a busy one away from home! If you missed my workouts/race recap make sure to check it out too.

I drove up to Philadelphia on Wednesday night when I got off work. I hung out with my friend for a little before calling it a night. I was then up early Thursday to drive to the Penn Relays where I was volunteering both Thursday and Friday.

The meet was COLD on Thursday as well as windy and a little bit of rain off and on. The day went by pretty fast at all and I got to leave around 4. Unfortunately it took me until 4:45 to get to my car and then another 75 minutes to make it back to my friends apartment. There ate dinner and caught up before heading out for froyo! It was a fun night just hanging out with a good friend and her roommate. I don’t get to see my friends enough in my opinion! Since I graduated early and all my HS friends are still away at college and all my college friends are still there too… I am happy to be home I just miss my friends sometimes.

froyo date in pa
froyo date in pa

Friday was the same routine- up early to volunteer then I headed out around 1 to hangout with another friend that goes to USC and ran Thursday night. We wandered around the vendors at the meet, headed to my car, hit up Trader Joe’s and then I dropped her at her hotel before getting my mom from the train station. We then had a 4 hour drive to NY (that should have taken 2:15)!!! It was rough.

Saturday we were up early to leave for the Bronx Zoo race. We ran in the morning, had breakfast, enjoyed the zoo, had lunch, did some dinner shopping on Arthur Ave and headed home. It was a pretty long morning. Once we got back I took a nice long hot shower (so nice) and then we went and got mani/pedi’s at a local place. On the walk home we stopped into a new sweets shop and got some desserts to take back too! We got back home and immediately started on dinner so we could eat around 8pm. It was a long day and after dinner we all settled down to watch a movie- Birdman,  not my favorite, then bed.


Sunday morning I got to sleep in a bit longer but the sun shining in woke me up by 7:30am. I headed downstairs where my mom was already reading a book and got my own cup of coffee and settled in to check my email. We headed out at 9 to go shopping at Woodbury Commons. It is about an hour away from where we always stay. We spent the next 4.5 hours there hitting up: Tory Burch, Lululemon, J. Crew, Nike, Nine West (my mom), and Diane Von Furstenberg. It was an exhausting afternoon and we ended up hitting a little traffic on the way back too.

I did a short Purely Twins KB workout and a shakeout run when we got back (10 min) and foam rolled my calves and legs- hurt so good? Then it was time to shower and get some of my things together since we had to head out early this morning. Since it was Sunday night we did dinner a little earlier, 7:30 ish, and watched some TV. Pretty normal Sunday night even though we weren’t home.

foam rolling fun?
foam rolling fun?

It was a fun weekend in New York! The town our friends stay in is a cute small town N or the city called Larchmont. I love it and like to visit a lot.

How was your weekend? Ever been to WoodBury Commons??

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