What I Ate Wednesday #69 Race Day!

Hi! How are you today? Doing well I hope. I am here today for WIAW with Jen and am going to share what I ate on Saturday aka my most recent race day.

It wasn’t a very competitive race and I wasn’t going after any times or goals with I still thought it would be a fun day to share. Plus I spent the least amount of time in the car on Saturday so I didn’t just eat snacks/junk all day like some of the other days lately have been :/ ops. It happens and not too often that it is a problem.


Pre Race: Coffee, some dark chocolate espresso beans. It was an early race so I slept as late as I could and never eat before races. It works for me I have had problems in the past when actually eating breakfast before morning races… not fun.

Post Race/Breakfast: First was a banana from the snack bags we got at the end of the race then I had packed a PB&J Greek Yogurt (pretty good), granola, and blueberries plus more coffee, and a bag of trail mix



Lunch: At Au Bon Pan, I had Coconut Thai (Seafood) Curry and a Tuna Garden Salad


Snacks: Broccoli, Pita chips and hummus while making dinner

Dinner: Shrimp with sautéed Kale, cooked tomatoes, avocado and a sweet potato with pb and granola


Dessert:Red Mango Frozen Yogurt eaten while watching Birdman (weird movie) so no photo

So that was my day of Saturday. I missed meal planning this week because we were away and had no groceries when we got home on Monday and no idea what we were going to do.  We are just winging it 🙂 It happens and my mom did the shopping while I was at work on Monday afternoon. Changing it up a bit!

I hope you have a great day and enjoyed my eats!

How do you eat on race days?


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