Thinking Out Loud #31

hey there. It’s been a few weeks since I last participated and I have lots of random things to say so thanks to Amanda for never missing a week of TOL!


1. You might know that I ran a 5k on Saturday, super fun and I came in second! What is even better news though is that my foot isn’t hurting! It was sore after the race but the last couple days I have felt awesome (foot wise) like no pain at all! Who would have though?? I would’ve guessed it would’ve hurt more after. Harder than normal running effort. Here’s to hoping it continues to feel great!


2. The sun! It may have been freezing during our race but the last couple days have been warm and sunny! I even laid out in my yard yesterday for 45 min or so enjoying the sun and vitamin d 🙂 yayy spring and summer! I can’t believe I was able to lay out basically every week at Tulane, I miss it!

3. What is not so awesome is the cold/allergies I seemed to have picked up. Maybe from the week of early mornings and a couple bad nights of sleep plus the cold race morning. I can’t decided which it is (cold verse allergies) or both, because it definitely gets worse inside but my throat hurts off and on too and my nose is still super runny inside. Lame!

4. Rangers play the Caps next in the hockey playoffs! Shane is super excited, he and his dad are going to the game (hopefully) in DC since they will be playing a couple games here. Anyone else ice hockey fans? I find it more interesting than most sports.

photo 1

5. So I tweeted that I had a Dr appt. outside of Baltimore, on the NW side of the city I guess is the best description… well going there I didn’t have to go through the city but I totally jinxed myself and missed my exit leaving and had to go through downtown Baltimore… it actually wasn’t too bad in the middle of the day. There was just a lot of cops and national guard out. It is so sad what has been happening. I only live like 35 miles from Baltimore and go there for dinner or what not pretty frequently. I won’t be going there for a while now though.


6. I decided to make some chocolate pb banana cookies on Tuesday night and they were mostly done so I turned the oven off but left the tray in for a few minutes… well I totally forgot about them and they burnt :/ so sad, they were still soft and chewy right when I took them out so my mom and I still ate some.

7. It has been a busy week since we got back Monday! It took us 5.5 hours to get home from NY on Monday and then I had to walk a dog before nannying until 7:30pm. Then Tuesday I had to make it to my dr appt. that was at 11 am and an hour away plus back for work again. Finally, yesterday (Wednesday) I had an appt with my chiropractor for my foot and I also tried to sleep in a bit more because of my cold/sore throat. Not that I slept that great because I couldn’t breathe very well but I tried!

8. Also because I was gone Wed-Mon I missed a lot of my normal TV shows and am just now catching up. Wow it was a big week in TV! Scandal! Grey’s Anatomy! Bones! What the heck so much went down!!

Well that is all I have for today. I am off to get some rest and finally have nothing but work tomorrow so I can clean up my room and bit and go through my spring clothes so we can donate some stuff and clear some space outta my closets. Rainy day tomorrow makes it the perfect time to start!

Anyways… have a great day! Stay safe if you are in Baltimore!!!!

Do you watch any of those shows with exciting episodes last week?


4 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #31

  1. YES to annoying allergy symptoms! I don’t normally get them that bad, but this year they’ve been way worse than normal. I spent most of the day yesterday with itchy eyes and a sniffling nose, and I still can’t figure out why. Ohhh the joys of spring.


  2. Ugh the allergies have me too! Those sinus headaches are no joke!
    I watch Grey’s Anatomy! And my goodness I can’t wait for the episode tonight! Last weeks was so good and shocking I had no idea!


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