Weekly workouts 4/26-5/2

It is May! Crazzzyyyy.

These months have gone by so fast! That whole saying April showers bring May flowers? Well they also bring pollen and I am majorly sufferings right now. Not fun, but the green grass, trees, and flowers are pretty that I can’t be too mad.

We are in for a lovely weekend too! Some paddle boarding is scheduled as well as yard work. Plus an early sushi dinner with my dad later today and lunch with Shane tomorrow in between his studying for finals. Anyways… lets look at my workouts!

S: lots of walking while shopping! Plus a KB workout and 10 min shakeout run
M: Off- lots of travel time and congested, so much pollen everywhere!
Tu: Off- still super congested :/ and I had a dr appt to get too anyways
W: KB workout at home (7 moves 10 times 4 times through)
Th: Power Yoga + KB workout at home
F: Power Yoga + core + KB work (100 swings + 50 deadlifts)
Sa: Body pump express + run

It was a pretty busy week after being gone for 5 days and I decided it was actually allergies (they got a ton better after it rained a little) but I was super stuffy and congested for a few days which wasn’t fun so less than usual but still good variety! I get the Purely Twins KB challenge emails and have been doing most of those short (12-20 min) workouts at home. It is a good change of pace for me and they are easy to fit in, plus I have a 15 lb kettle bell to use!

So that was my week, how was yours?? I am off to enjoy my weekend!

Linking up with Katie and Jill today!


8 thoughts on “Weekly workouts 4/26-5/2

  1. I LOVE Kettlebells so I’m definitely jealous of your KB workout! I just bought a weight for the RV this past week and while I would have LOVED to get a KB as well, weights are EXPENSIVE so I went with a 25lb dumbbell that I could use and hopefully someday can get some more weights. 🙂


    1. I love them, I have a 15 lb kb I got on sale at target with a coupon and I also have two 5 lb Dumbbells I use too. I hope to get more weights too! The family I nanny for has a whole set in their basement (5-30lb) I use sometimes


  2. I was wondering why so much KBs until I read that last paragraph! Looks like a good week of workouts! I haven’t been able to squeeze in a KB workout with my teaching schedule lately, but I do love them!


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