Meal Plan #18

Hey there! I missed meal planning last week but am here to get back on track today! It is a normal week around here for us then next week we will be traveling to New Orleans and eating out a lot soooo that means we are trying to keep it pretty healthy until then!

New Orleans is all about celebrating and not necessarily eating as healthy as possible 🙂 I am excited to go to all my favorite restaurants and of course sucre and Yogurtland! It feels like it has been so long since I was last there! I do love the city and I miss biking places, going to practice, seeing friends everyday, and the cities culture…  I am happy to be going back to walk at graduation!! Stay turned of a recap of the activities and eats.


Breakfasts: berry bowls, yogurt with granola, smoothies, chocolate plantain pancakes (recipe coming!)

Lunches: leftovers + brunch/lunch out for Mother’s Day!

Snacks: plantains with nut butter, trail mix, dry cereal (opened Cinnamon Life this week, so good), pretzels and hummus, Boom Chicka Pop kettle corn

Sweet Potato Nachos
Veggie Lasagna
Salads with shrimp
Burrito bowls with Chipotle sofritas (recipe via pancake warriors)
Babysitting night x2 (Wednesday/Friday)

Dessert: Yasso Greek Yogurt bars (coffee chocolate chip/choc chip cookie dough), Dark chocolate


That is about it for our meals for the coming week. I made chocolate coconut cashew butter yesterday in my Vitamix which is awesome! I will be eating that with plantains/pretzels/by the spoonful 🙂 It is yummy!


I also made really good chocolate plantain pancakes and hope to get the recipe up tomorrow to Tuesday! So stay tuned.

Confession- I love dry cereal too, when we open chex/life/etc they don’t last very long. What is your favorite cereal??

Have you ever made your own nut butter? I feel like I should more often than I do!

I am linking up with Jill and Laura and Laura (Org Junkie) today!


6 thoughts on “Meal Plan #18

  1. Your chocolate coconut cashew butter looks AMAZING! I have made nut butter, I feel like I should do it more often too because it’s so easy.
    Looking forward to the chocolate plantain pancakes recipe. I’m a total chocoholic and get excited anytime chocolate can be made a little more healthy.
    Take care and enjoy your upcoming vacation!


    1. They are both really good 🙂 I ate some of the chocolate coconut cashew butter with baked plantains today. I LOVE chocolate too and include it in some way in breakfast most days! (plus dessert too)


  2. I love making my own nut butter. I have a great recipe for vanilla flax almond butter. Now that I think about it it’s been way too long since I’ve made it.

    Thanks for linking up and sharing your menu!


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