Workout Recap 5/3-5/9

Gosh, happy Saturday? I feel like I JUST typed one of these up! Another week in the books for 2015!

I do not have too much to chat about today so lets just get to the workouts, shall we?

S: 2 mi run + yoga (+ paddle boarding) + KB challenge workout
M: elliptical + 45 min bodypump (I had to leave early)
Tu: 3 mi run + core + KB workout
W: elliptical + incline walking
Th: elliptical + 30 min yoga video + weights (& KB)
F: Indoor Cycle class (+ paddle boarding) + core + 200 KB swings/50 KB squat+press
Sa: Yoga + KB workout

There you have it! Anther good week! Lots of KB workouts but all are 20 min or less! Some cardio was short but because I do it most days that is fine with me and I am loving the paddle boarding weather! I tried to make a second body pump class but did not get off work in time. Oh well!

I totally wish I could bring my KB with me to New Orleans next week! Hah. I think it would make my luggage a bit too heavy though.

Today I am babysitting all day and then have a date night with Shane so I stuck to some free yoga! Hope you have a great weekend!

Any fun plans?? He went boating while I was babysitting today and yesterday, which I am jealous about but I am making $$.

Linking up with Katie and Jill today.


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