Meal Plan #19

Hey there! Happy Sunday! How was your weekend so far??

Doing anything special for your moms today? I was going to get flowers but because we leave Wednesday we would just have to throw them away, I did get her a small present though and we are going to get Froyo later (take your mom to froyo at Sweet Frog today and hers is free!). She also got a dozen Georgetown Cupcakes in the mail from the guy she is seeing and is a little annoyed by it. He sent 12 cupcakes for Valentine’s Day too and my mom isn’t big on sweets so a dozen cupcakes is a bit much, especially because we are (again) leaving in a few days. She’s the person that 95% of the time turns down dessert so she just isn’t sure why he is stuck on this idea of holiday cupcakes. It IS the thought that counts but she doesn’t want him to waste his money on all these dang cupcakes! Anyone in Annapolis want some?? šŸ™‚

Well anyways back to Sunday Meal prep- Are you a big meal planner/prep-ster? We are, at least I try to be šŸ™‚ This week, because we are going to New Orleans on Wednesday, we are focused on finishing up what needs to be eaten in the fridge! We hate wasting food! So not much grocery shopping was done this weekend but we did have veggies leftover from last week and we picked up a few items to last us the next couple days.

This is what we have:


Breakfasts: smoothies, greek yogurt with granola and berries, berry bowls

workout snacks: 1/2-full protein bar, coffee protein shake (I use 1 scoop mocha protein powder and then Starbucks cold brew coffee from the grocery store in a blender bottle), trail mix (usually before with dark chocolate espresso beans)

Lunches: Leftovers, Eggs and veggies, Whole Foods hot bar

Snacks: trail mix, plantains and cashew butter/almond butter, fresh berries


Salad with fresh sea bass, extra veggies, and sweet potato
Coconut Ginger Baked Salmon with roast veggies
(Wednesday)- dinner in with family friends
(Thursday)- Rum house, fish tacos!!
(Friday)- Arnauds, fresh fish and veggies
(Saturday)- Red Fish Grill, again fish and veggies

Sweets: Yasso greek yogurt bars, dark chocolate, Yogurt Land
Sucre Macaroon Tree!! – It is 40 macaroons made into the Shape of a tree, I have always wanted one and this is the perfect occasion!

Basically a lot going on this week and a lot of food eaten out. We stay healthy (er) when we travel by at least eating breakfast in most days. When we get to our hotel, where we have a mini kitchen, we will pick up plain greek yogurt and bananas/berries to have in the morning. I will also pack all my own snacks from home so that I don’t eat junk between meals.

I was just guessing what I would get at dinner Fri/Sat nights too. I will order whatever I am in the mood for but usually I go for the fish of the day since I know it will be super fresh and usually well done! I am looking forward to my meals in New Orleans!

Lniking up with Jill and Laura


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