Workout Recap 5/10-5/17

Guess What?! I officially graduate today! Such an amazing day! No other experience like it!

I will recap to the Tulane graduation next week, hopefully Monday. But today I am letting you know what I did fitness wise last week. I am typing this up from super spotty hotel wi-fi so I am keeping the chit chat to a minimum.


S: Upper body weights + elliptical
M: Indoor cycle class + incline walking
Tu: Body pump + short KB workout + elliptical/arc trainer
W: Long dog walk once we got to New Orleans + some biking to lunch
Th: Elliptical
F: Elliptical + core
Sa: Off- graduation!

So that was my week. I made sure to hit a few classes before I left for Nola since I wouldn’t have complete access to a hotel the whole time/would be busy enjoying all the graduation stuff!

Have a great weekend!

Linking up with Jill and Katie today.


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