Tulane Graduation Recap! (Part 1)

Hi there! How is your day so far? I have an exciting recap for y’all today… my Tulane graduation! Which is unlike any other college graduation.

So where to begin! Well my mom and I flew down on Wednesday morning. We landed and got our car by 1pm and headed to campus to pick up my cap and gown (sadly not enough time to decorate it). That was super easy and we were to our family friends house around 2pm. I ate a lot of snacks (fruit and protein included plus a jamba juice smoothie) on the plane so I wasn’t very hungry but my mom was so we walked to Dat Dog for lunch. She had the crawfish sausage. Afterwards I went to Yogurtland to meet my friend Sydney to catch up over froyo. Always a good choice 🙂 I got back and walked Holly with my mom and Nina (the youngest child of our family friends) and then Wednesday night dinner was at their house so we could catch up with them! We also stayed with them that night.

IMG_4405 IMG_4406

Thursday morning I headed to the Tulane gym to get in a quick workout. My mom ran with Holly (the dog) while I was at the gym. She then got my sister from the airport, checked into our hotel and picked up our friends from NY and headed to the swamp tour. My friend Frankie was coming with us so she picked me up and I drove with her. We spent the next two hours on the bayou looking for gators! By the end (around 2) we were all ready for lunch. Frankie and I went to Whole Foods and got sushi and cookies and chatted for another hour or so.

IMG_4477 IMG_4433

Thursday afternoon we spent a few hours at the hotel relaxing then got dressed to go up to Tulane to take some pictures because it was supposed to rain the next day. We spent about an hour taking photos and wandering campus before going to The Rum House for dinner and Sucre for dessert. My friend Kade joined us there too! All the food was excellent! We were tired by the nights end though. A good nights sleep was needed!

IMG_4439 IMG_4440

Friday morning at 11 am was the athlete party on campus held in the new (ish) football stadium. Right as we were driving on campus it started to DOWN POUR. Lucky us right? We parked in the garage and only had rain jackets not umbrellas so we ran to the stadium… got pretty wet in the process. That party was fun though and we got Tulane champagne glasses. It lasted an hour and then I went to congratulate my ROTC friends on their commissioning which happened that morning too! IMG_4472

My sister spent the morning with our friends and when they headed to the WWII museum she took the street car uptown to the garden district and walked over the Magazine street. We stopped into Whole Foods (again) for some snacks and went to meet her to wander the shops. She and I each got a dress at two small stores before we called it quits. My mom and I had picked up lunch at the store and then my sister went to meet my dad and his gf for lunch at The Rum House again. (it is so good!)

My mom and I headed back to our hotel to relax for a few hours before our dinner plans that evening…. I am cutting my post off here though because it is getting super long!

It was a great trip so I hope you read the second part. I am linking up for MIMM with Katie today!


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