Graduation Recap (Part II)

Hello! I am just going to start where I left off because I do not want this to get too long and it is still fresh on my mind!

So I left off on Friday afternoon. After we got back to the hotel we just sorta chilled for a little bit. My mom had to deal with a work issue and I used the lame internet to check my email. Around 4:30 we walked to the Sucre store in the Fresh Quarter to pick up my macaroon tree! I picked out the flavors on it: Salted Caramel, Chicory, Pecan, Chocolate, and hazelnut. (45 macaroons total). Then it was back to the hotel!

IMG_4471 photo 1

My dad and his girlfriend picked my sister and I up at the hotel and we went to the Bombay Club. We were only there 30 min or so before dinner. We went to Arnaud’s for our 7pm reservations. LOTS of good food. Maureen and I shared crab claws plus bread dipped in the butter/garlic. We had two orders of souffléd potatoes (a specialty) for the four of us. Then I had the Pompano Duarte plus some asparagus. Dessert was then the Frozen Praline Soufflé for the table. SO MUCH FOOD! After dinner we sat at the bar for a bit and had some champagne.

I had a rough night of sleep on Friday, no details needed but I only got a few hours of sleep (on the couch) and was up bright and early to get ready for graduation/my mom decided to make coffee at 6:10 am on Saturday. I was at the Superdome by 8 am and we were headed to our seats at 9 am.

The commencement was awesome. Maya Rudolf was our speaker (video linked) and she was so funny. It ended around 11 and then a lot of people left to have their college ceremonies at different locations. The school of liberal arts stayed in the Superdome and the ceremony started at 12:30. Inbetween I took pictures with my dad and then went to checkin and get a snack. I left to find my mom and everyone after I walked on stage (about midway) to get my diploma, except the diplomas were not in the holder thing and we had to go pick them up upstairs. Luckily they had coffee and cookies up there too.

photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

We finally left around 2:30 pm and headed back to the hotel. SUCH a long morning but worth it! We all ate a small lunch at that point because dinner reservations were at 7 pm. Our friends from NY left that afternoon too so we said our goodbyes too. We walked to dinner about 15 min before but still had to wait a bit for a table. The restaurant was packed but once we got our table and food it was all good! We had dinner at a restaurant called Red Fish Grill, voted best seafood restaurant in NOLA, and I had the sesame tuna which was awesome. Cooked to perfection.


After dinner we started to head back to the hotel. We stopped at the Fresh Quarter Sucre salon and sat outside on the balcony. I had a decaf coffee and my mom and sister had some red wine. We stayed there a little too late and did not make it back to the hotel until 10 pm where I had to finish packing and get to sleep! I had a 5:55 am flight Sunday morning to make it home for a party to start off Shane’s grad week. I was up just before 4 am to get to the airport 😦 I made it safely home though and enjoyed the Garden Party with Shane and his family.

Anyone else have an awesome graduation? I think it was worth going, for sure!

I hope you enjoyed my recap and if you ever visit NOLA there are some more restaurant recommendations.


One thought on “Graduation Recap (Part II)

  1. So glad you had a great time! When I graduated college it was definietly a time to remember, walking across stage and officially saying goodbye to that Chapter of my life was so bittersweet and now being a year out I sure do miss the place!


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