Weekly Workout 5/17-5/23

Hey there! How was your week? I feel like I ask that all the time but intro are awkward.

Also, how were your workouts last week? Mine were pretty good! It was nice to be back home and in my own gym/not using a bad hotel gym or filling out guest forms for my own schools gym.

It was a busy week though! I didn’t make to too many classes because each day was packed with things to do! It has been go go go since I left for New Orleans (even the few days leading up too it).So here is a look at my week.

S: Travel day- 3:50 am wake up and poor ‘resting’ on the plane made me one tired person. I did walk my neighbors dog for 20 min though.
M: elliptical + bodypump – I could only stay for 45 min of class but I was sore the next day! I hadn’t lifted many weights while in NOLA so it is probably a good thing I left early.
Tu: elliptical
W: elliptical + 200KB swings + 25 burpees
Th: elliptical + bodypump express
F: OFF- Shane’s graduation day! We had to be there by 8 am and didn’t get home until 2:30 pm. I walked the dog across the street then got my stuff together for his party.
Sa: Elliptical – I thought about going to some classes cycle/bodypump but I was exhausted after a long week! I need a couple early nights of sleep next week.

Well that was my week. Not too exciting. I should switch up my cardio more but most cycle classes are pretty early and I have just been so busy the last few weeks. I totally forgot to even finish up this post on time :/ Better late than never!

Have a great weekend! Any fun memorial day plans? Parties? Beach/pool? Shane and I are going blueberry picking tomorrow!

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