Oh Hey There.

So yeah it has been a while… I wasn’t going to work on a post this morning until my dog decided to eat right as I was getting ready to leave so now I am waiting a bit before taking him out. Oh yeah did I mention I got a dog??

He is cute but definitely likes to test his limits. He goes up and down in waves of good and bad behavior. He is a ‘Yorkie Poo’ but WAY to big to be only yorkie and poo. He is now 9 months old and I can say I do not regret getting a dog at all. I got him in August because my neighbor was fostering him and he needed a good home. I was quick to fall in love with him and Shane, the boyfriend, really liked him too as well as both of our families. That was basically the end of the story. We named him sparky because he had a LOT of energy. I took sparky into my moms house for the last 3 months I lived at home and then he moved to Newport, Rhode Island with my boyfriend and I.

So yes, the other news is I moved from Annapolis, MD to Newport, RI. I gave us a job I loved to be with the man I love. It works .Jobs are a bit hard to come by up here but I/we are making it work. I got a job at the local Y working membership and the front desk. Everyone at work is super friendly. Not the best pay but a job is a job because we are only here until March. Then it is on to the next destination! (for a longer period of time)

Those are big life events but much much more has happened.

  • I ran my first official half marathon with zero training. The 13.1 miles I ran during the race is more than I ran the entire month that I had the race… ops. But I finished with zero pain and that was the biggest win in my book.
  • After graduation I paid off my car. YAY for no more loan.
  • Shane and I took an awesome trip to San Francisco in July.
  • I turned 23 on November 11, not a big birthday but still another year in the books.
  • What else? I am not sure. I had a pretty consistent schedule back in Maryland of work, cooking, grocery shopping, gym, time with friends, etc but I loved it.

I am happy to be getting into a schedule up here in RI now too. It took a few weeks for me to get everything set up at the Y and to start work but now I have a consistent schedule. Plus lots of baby siting for a military family and making some friends who are also up here with their significant other.

This is my life and I love it. I am ready for whatever the future may hold for Shane, sparky and I.


2 thoughts on “Oh Hey There.

  1. Ahh you got a dog!? Well in August anyways haha, they really are the best decisions! Love that you gave him a home too! And that name really fits what he looks like haha.


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