What’s Next?

Wow. After not posting for months here I am two days in one week! I have no idea where I am going with blogging. I just felt overwhelmed and like I wasn’t enjoying my time with a fun and laid back job or my time with Shane while neither of us were stressed or working full time. So I stopped. I stepped away from the computer, I spent more time being present with my family and friends. I did things I loved and spent my spare time outside during the summer.

Now it is winter and we live in Rhode Island. Though the winter weather has not hit yet it is still pretty dreary out most days. It is currently raining which it has done A LOT! So I have time to type up a post. Also because Shane went to see Star Wars so I am home alone.

Well today was an exciting day. We found out where Shane’s next duty location will be! So where are we moving next???!!! SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA! Cue Al Jolson lyrics:

” California, here I come, yeah
Right back where I started from”

Not exactly where I started from but my where my mom was born and raised.

How do I feel about it? Moving cross country away from basically my entire family. Well I am SO EXCITED! If you have been reading for any length of time you know I love warm weather so that is one bonus. The other reason I am excited is because California is a very environmentally concerned state and there are a lot more job opportunities for me out there. The job search starts now because we will be moving in just 4 ish months. So if anyone is based out of San Diego let me know!


Today I am linking up with Amanda’s Thinking Out Loud post.



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