2015 in Review

So it is currently January 2nd 3rd… I am a little behind on my year in review but the last few days/weeks have been busy and hard. A lot happened last year both good and bad so let’s review as I sit here at the airport editing this while I wait for my flight to Baltimore.

High: I finished classes a semester early and graduated in May with a BA in environmental studies.

photo 1photo 2

Low: Unemployed for the month of January though I needed it to relax and unpack my four years of stuff from school.

High: Finding a job that I absolutely loved and was perfect for remaining stress free and only living at home for a year. If you don’t know I was a nanny and I Loved the kids I watched and the family I worked for.

Low: Foot pain coming back after working up to 40 min runs in April so I had to stop running again

High: Best friend from Tulane coming to visit for spring break!


High: Travel- going to Chicago with my dad for work, Florida with my mom (Harry potter world!), and to San Francisco in July with Shane!


Low: Getting my car towed in front of my own house and the towing company causing 1600$ in damage… It all was settled after a few stressful days and the tow company was totally at fault and paid for it.

High: Getting a dog! Sparky! We love him so much and I am so happy to finally have a dog, especially since Shane will be deployed in the near future.


High: Running my first half marathon! Even though I did it with zero training… ops.


High: Moving out and to Rhode Island with Shane. It is nice to finally live together and our house is perfect for the dog unlike my moms house.


Low: Taking a major pay cut with my job in Rhode Island. There isn’t much available on the island and we are only up here for a short amount of time.

High: Finding out we are moving to San Diego next! Yay. So so so excited and already job and condo hunting. One of my best friends from high school also lives there too.

Low: My grandfather passing away just days after Christmas. We heard he was doing really bad on Christmas Eve and we’re hoping he would pull through but unfortunately he did not. I am flying back to Maryland Sunday January 3rd for the funeral.

And because I don’t want to end on a low I will say my last high of 2015 was spending Christmas with my mom and Shane’s family all together! We knows what or where we will be next year for the holidays.

So that brings me to the end of my recap and I hope you enjoyed it! I am linking up for MIMM and TOL today.


5 thoughts on “2015 in Review

  1. Wow, you ran an awesome half for not even training! And RHODE ISLAND? Where?! I grew up there. San Diego sounds better though, in terms of year round weather. But I have so much love for the 4-0-1.


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