Thinking Out Loud #33

Hi! How is your day going so far? It had been a LONG while since I have done a true TOL post. Thank you Amanda for the link up!


  • Since this is Amanda’s TOL linkup I think it is only right to make my first bullet that I am loving my Erin Condren planner I won from here last fall! New year means new planner!
  • Next up- I love on demand 🙂 I seem to always miss my shows now a-days since the guys like to watch lots of sports… well with on demand I can catch up whenever I find the time! That time just happens to be right now (Wednesday night) while the guys  are at school studying for a test. I have NCIS/NCIS LA/NCIS NOLA/Criminal minds all to catch up on.
  • I mentioned in my goals post wanting to run a few half marathons in 2016 and having some in mind… well I signed up for one of them! The Avocado half marathon just a little North of San Diego! IMG_0387
  • Anyone tracking the monster snow storm this weekend? I was hoping we would get a bit of snow and we would be able to go snowboarding buttt it seems to hammering the mid atlantic more than originally thought and not hitting New England as much… one of the few times I am bummed we are getting less snow, but it is so cold out that it might as well snow a little bit.
  • Speaking of snowboarding, we went on Monday and it was a blast! I fell A LOT but still got so much better in just one day! I am excited to go again. IMG_1243
  • Since it is so bloody cold outside I make sure to plan time to sauna at the gym everyday after my workouts 🙂 It totally makes my day! I love love love the sauna and usually I am the only one in there.
  • It is never too cold for ice cream or smoothies though! I am still enjoying both of them. You can never have too many sprinkles either 🙂 IMG_1251
  • My dog is doing a great job at fighting the monsters under the couch every night too. It can be pretty funny but also annoying once he starts barking non stop. OH sparky I wish I knew what went through your brain at times. IMG_1202

And that is all the randomness I have for you all today. I think I was pretty all over the place today but that happens! Have a great Thursday!


5 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #33

  1. Planners and snowboarding! WOO! I’m a huge fan of both, and that’s awesome that you’re loving your EC! I seriously couldn’t survive without mine. And I’m totally with you on NEEDING smoothies even when it’s cold outside. Sometimes I think I prefer them in the winter just because of how dry the air is!


  2. I love the Erin Condren planners too! I just got my first one this past year and filling that out with all my memories is a blast!


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