Weekly Meal Plan

Hey there! Did everyone survive the storm?

It was a rough weekend for me. Even though we ‘only’ got one foot in Newport (only since so many people, my mom included, got 2-3 ft) Shane and our roommate insisted on going to NYC for the Army Navy basketball game and were gone ALL weekend long while it snowed non-stop and I was stuck home with sparky. The game got cancelled in the end and it was just a bad weekend for us. Being snowed in alone stinks and the guys got stuck in New York even after the game was cancelled.

So I hope everyone else had a better weekend! I also have work at the Y today which is no fun either. So since the guys are gone and I was snowed in and have work there was no grocery shopping done so we are making due with what we have. Here is what I have come up with.


Breakfasts: pumpkin overnight oats, greek yogurt with granola and berries, smoothies

Lunches: Leftovers, eggs and squash

Snacks: Protein bars (I eat a lot of these at work now because we don’t have a fridge or microwave), enlightened crisps, Annie’s bunnies, popcorn


  • S- leftover spagetti squash pie with pumpkin cornbread
  • M- Salad with Salmon and butternut squash
  • Tu-eggs and squash
  • W-Cod with broccoli, squash and sweet potato
  • Th-Out to eat
  • F-leftovers
  • Sat- Sushi at work ? (hopefully)

Dessert: Pumpkin brownies / Mint Choc Chip klondike bars for Shane

I have no idea what Shane will be eating for dinner his lunches will be chicken sandwiches and chips, breakfast is banana muffins, yogurt, and nutrigrain bars or  cereal and yogurt. He is a creature of habit when it comes to breakfast and lunch during the week. He doesn’t eat very many vegetables either during the day; I try to get some on his plate at dinner time.

What I meal prepped:

  • made brownies
  • made banana chocolate chip muffins
  • baked butternut and buttercup squash
  • made 3 servings of overnight oats
  • thawing salmon
  • made salad dressing

Anyways, that is a wrap for me. Have a good Sunday and week!

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