What I Ate Wednesday #75

Hi there! Welcome to another edition of WIAW on Run for Berries. How are you doing today? I don’t have work today so it is a day of chores for me! andddd applying for jobs and calling some apartment complex’s in San Diego! But lets get into my Newport RI eats for today.


Breakfast: Pumpkin Spice Muscle Eggs, pumpkin cornbread, blueberries, and a white sweet potato with almond butter and coconut  + dark chocolate espresso beans and coffeeIMG_1252

Lunch: pumpkin overnight oats (since I forgot to eat them for breakfast) with blueberries on top and I was doing an afternoon workout so I didn’t want anything too heavy to eat IMG_1273

Snacks: TJ’s pumpkin O’s, Honey bunches of oats, blueberries, with cashew milk and pumpkin spice protein powder IMG_1275

Dinner: 3 types of squash! Butternut, buttercup and spagetti squash (with fake chicken stuff) plus cornbreadIMG_1265

Dessert: 2 Brownies with almond butter. Didn’t take a picture. & a few pieces of peppermint bark thins. So yummy!

So that is a wrap for WIAW but from Saturday! I am going to miss all my favorite varieties of squash once winter ends but will love the warmer temps, of course! Have a great Wednesday!


6 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday #75

    1. Yes it is, I have seen it done a lot of youtube and called Zoats so I started doing it a lot too since I really only get veggies it at dinner most days it is a nice way to add a few more in and beef up the volume of my oats


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