What I Ate Wednesday #76

Another week another WIAW, my favorite posts to write and read for the week. How about you? Don’t you love WIAW posts?? I am thinking about doing a day in the life post soon too. That just takes a lot more work to remember everything I do in a day. I will do it though! Anyways lets get on with today’s post. WHAT-I-ATE-WEDNESDAY-NEW-BUTTON-PEAS-AND-CRAYONS

Breakfast: Smoothie- blueberries, banana, frozen spinach, pb2, vanilla skoop protein, and cashew milk and of course there was coffee and dark chocolate espresso beans and a few handfuls of quaker oatmeal squaresIMG_1292

Lunch: random assortment of food at work- buffalo cauliflower, spring roll with shrimp, greek yogurt with granola in the tupperware, pumpkin square bread and andes toffee chocolateIMG_1232

Snacks: Kombucha, salt and vinegar almonds & some cuties (unpictured)IMG_1282

Dinner: Boloco bangkok thai bowl with tofu IMG_1284

And this is it! Well minus dessert which was another brownie with cashew butter! I am failing at taking dessert pictures but trust me, I eat them! I also had a few bark thins too 🙂 I love chocolate.

I hope you enjoyed my WIAW and make sure to check out everyone else’s posts. Check back tomorrow for another post here!


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