What I Ate Wednesday #77

Hey there! Sorry I missed my meal planning post. I had a long and busy weekend and did not prep much. We grocery shopped and all but are just winging it with the stuff we bought. So far so good though.

So here is a recap of what I ate last Thursday… yeah the only day I have all the photos from! ops.


Breakfast: smoothie bowl with pumpkin seeds and granola on top IMG_1301

Lunch: Lentil and sweet potato stew with kale added in IMG_1299

Snacks: quest bar at work (yes sometimes I color at work when it is slow), and unpictured Annies Snickerdoodle bunnies, toasted coconut pieces, and pumpkin spice almondsIMG_1311

Dinner: Spagetti squash with garlic tomato sauce, red pepper, onion, beef less crumbles and kale IMG_1322

Dessert: brownie and ice cream! (+ vanilla espresso almond butter) I ate the entire batch of brownies by myself which is why I have been eating them for so long now. IMG_1295

And thats a wrap! I will be back with a post hopefully tomorrow and Friday! Happy Ash Wednesday to all the Catholics out there! Make sure to check out everyone else’s WIAW posts too.


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