Thinking Out Loud #34

Hello! How are you today? We are doing pretty well over here. Keeping very busy thats for sure! So lets get into what we have been up to/thoughts for today. Check out Amanda’s Thinking Out Loud link up! Thinking-Out-Loud2

  • It is finally winter up here in RI. Chance of snow 2-3 days each week and temps below zero this weekend… trust me our heating bill confirms the cold weather! I feel like the snow isn’t going to melt for awhile because it is so chilly out and the sun rarely comes out.
  • Sparky LOVES the snow. We let him run around in it to wear him out 🙂 It isn’t too hard to catch him in the snow since it slows him down in the deep parts. IMG_1326
  • We are headed to Boston this Saturday for a track meet and then again next weekend for the Patriot League Indoor Track and Field championships. Next weekend we will be staying over night since the meet is split into multiple days. I am super excited! We are making sure to go to both Blackbird donuts and Union Square donuts! 🙂
  • After those two weekends in Boston it is only two weeks until we head home to pack up and get ready for our move to California! Crazy how fast it is coming up. We are trying to plan everything out. Shane is driving and I am planning to fly but first go to New Orleans for a few days then head to San Diego from there.
  • I have been so so so busy at work. With all the snow people with kids have asked me to cover for them and I have worked the last 8 days in a row. Not a bad thing but I have a lot to catch up on!
  • We are killing our king cake that my mom sent us (there is about 1/3 of the amount in the picture left at this point)! King cake is just so so so good. I missed the king cake festival this year. I went while at Tulane and you could buy a slice of king cake at each vendor, there were like 25 different places there. It was AWESOME. IMG_1321
  • I still love my adult coloring books at work. They help pass the time when I have nothing to do during my weekend shifts. The pattern one started to make my head hurt sunday though after over an hour of coloring it I needed a break. IMG_1311
  • Now I am catching up on TV shows I missed this week so far. Thank goodness for on demand and hopefully in San Diego we get a recorder since we don’t have one now.

And with that I am checking off for the night. I am beat and want to relax with my la croix and NCIS: New Orleans, Worst Cooks in America and Criminal Minds episodes!


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