MIMM weekend recap 

Happy presents day! Everyone enjoying the holiday? I actually babysit today from 9am-2pm so the dad can study for a test he has later this week. Life could be worse right? We had a pretty good weekend though!


Friday wasn’t exciting. I babysat 9-12 went to the gym and then worked at membership from 2-7. I had picked up chipotle for lunch with was awesome but otherwise an uneventful day. After work I went home made some mahi mahi and a salad and we watched some tv. Then enjoyed the last of the king cake too. IMG_1330

Saturday morning started with coffee and then a workout. Once I got back home it was breakfast time before a shower and getting ready for Boston! We left around 12 and picked up donuts at blackbird donuts before going to the track meet. We ate a late breakfast and we’re having an early dinner so we took snacks for lunch plus donuts. 🙂 IMG_1331

We stayed at the track meet for around 3 hours then drove around Boston for a bit waiting for Steve (the guy who ran) to shower and figure out a place to eat dinner with some other people. We went to Ra a pizza place near MIT. It was just okay in my opinion but then again I had a salad and some cheeseless pizza. At that point we were all so hungry it didn’t matter. After dinner we dropped everyone off and hit the road back home. It was so cold we just wanted to get home and into bed. Bedtime was basically right after we got home and let the dog out.

Sunday was Valentine’s Day! Since we were in bed around 10:15 I woke up by 7am. It was so so cold though. Even inside. I took the dog out in -9 real temp (-34 feels) and came right back inside for coffee and to put the trader joes chocolate croissants in the oven. We then exchanged presents and had breakfast before I had to leave for work/to workout. Shane got me a subscription to bean box and a coffee bean grinder plus a big box of cinnamon mentos (I can never find them in stores and are my favorite) and I got Shane some Lululemon sweatpants and made him a big bag of muddy buddies.

For my workout I ran 5 miles on the treadmill, walked a mile cool down, and did core work before using the sauna and taking a shower. I had to work 12-5 and it felt like an enturnity. I was suppose to have the day off but my cover had to cancel so Shane and sparky were on their own for the day. After work we ordered sushi for dinner, we get sushi every year for Valentine’s Day, and enjoyed some prosecco with dinner. We spend the night relaxing and watching movies. The perfect night in my opinion.


Now it is Presidents day but I babysit all day! At least it is warmer out. How was your weekend?


3 thoughts on “MIMM weekend recap 

  1. It hasn’t been terribly cold but man that wind chill is what gets me! I think sushi is a great valentine’s day treat! And if it makes you feel better I also had to work this President’s day!


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