What I Ate Wednesday #78

Hey everyone?! How was your long weekend? I hope you enjoyed my weekend recap here. I am recapping my Valentine’s Day eats for WIAW. I had to work but otherwise it was a good day of eats!


Breakfast: the last two halves of my donuts from Blackbird donuts in Boston (mine were the bottom two- cold brew coconut and salted toffee) .Plus some plantains with almond butter and dark chocolate espresso beans. IMG_1331

Lunch: pumpkin overnight oats with blueberries on top, more coffee, then a pumpkin baked donut. IMG_1337

Snacks: Caramel Fudge Pretzel greek yogurt and a salted caramel luna bar (not pictured). IMG_1339

Dinner: SUSHI! We got takeout from Newport Tokyo House. We ordered an alaska roll, eel roll, boston roll, yam tempura roll, tamago sushi, salmon roe sushi, edamame, and spring rolls. IMG_1338

We ended our night with some valentines day cookies and prosecco. (Dessert) I am not a big drinker but my drinks of choice are champagne/prosecco and mojitos… I only drink maybe 7 days a year though so that doesn’t happen very often. So that wraps up my day of eats. Maybe I lacked on the veggies but it is okay all my food was delicious.

Make sure to check out everyone else’s eats today!


9 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday #78

  1. How dare you post pictures of DONUTS- don’t you know I am trying to not eat a dozen of them at a time? However, you made up for it with sushi- love sushi!!


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