MIMM: Another Boston Weekend Recap

Hey there! So as my title suggests we spend another weekend in Boston, Ma. So I wanted to recap our fun weekend for you all today!


Friday was again uneventful.. I worked Friday night and Shane went to a concert. After work and dinner I snacked on way too much trail mix and watched Main in Manhattan with Sparky in bed. I had already packed my stuff that morning so I was all set with nothing to do.

Saturday morning I had my coffee programed and ready to go for when I got up to go to the gym. I woke up around 7 am and got ready for the gym, let the dog out, grabbed coffee and headed on my way. I was at the gym around 7:40 and ready to get a workout in. 4 miles on the treadmill and 30 minutes on the elliptical plus some core work and I was done for the morning. Time to head back home and get ready for trip to Boston.

Home by 9 am, took a shower and then was time to wake Shane up after his late night concert. He still needed to pack a bag for the night and shower so even though he wanted to sleep more he didn’t have time. I made us breakfast once I was dressed and ready. Eggs and avocado was on the menu for the morning. We managed to get everything together and out the door around 11 am to pick up a friend who was driving with us.

After our 95 minute drive we were looking for parking in Boston by the BU Indoor Track and Tennis Center. The meet started at 1 am (running events) so we only had a few minutes to spare. Ideally we would’ve been able to check into our hotel before the meet but that wasn’t a possibility so after it was. I decided to do a free week at Core Power Yoga since there is not one near us in Newport and not one in Annapolis either so the guys went straight to the meet and I walked to yoga for a 1:30 class.

After a great yoga class I showered, picked up Dunkin (because there was nothing else in eye sight so a donut, coffee and protein bar would have to do for lunch) and got to the meet around 3pm. They ended up combining the women’s 5k heats so I had a lot more time than I thought so if I had known I wouldn’t found something else to eat. After the meet we checked into the hotel just before 6pm. We relaxed for a bit before walking down to the Trader Joe’s to pick up some yogurts and bars. Then we went to dinner at the sushi restaurant in the hotel. We were pretty beat so we didn’t want to travel far for dinner or anything else so we just hung out in the hotel bar after dinner for an hour or so and then retired for the night.

Sunday morning was DONUT DAY! On the agenda was a trip to Union Square donuts about 2 miles from the hotel we were staying at. We ended up ALSO making brunch plans with one of Shane’s old Navy roommates who is doing grad school at MIT. So we went and picked up donuts for later and went from there to brunch at The Friendly Toast. Brunch was really good. I couldn’t decide between sweet or savory so I got both! Coconut cake (pancake) and a garden omelette. Shane got the caribbean waffle that had caramelized banana on top too.

The meet started at 12 noon yesterday and went until about 5pm. Shane stayed until the end but I decide not to go so I could to do some shopping 🙂 and go to another yoga class. I did the 12:30 Y2 class showered and started my walk to Newbury street. I also made sure to pass the Boston Marathon Finish Line too. IMG_1361

I wanted to go into Patagonia, Lululemon, Vitamin Shoppe, and Whole Foods. Shane’s plan was to meet me at Whole Foods my last stop before heading home. I also picked up a salad at Sweet Green to take home for dinner. I figured I could use a lot of veggies and we didn’t have any at home. I also got some WF hot bar food to eat there too. And of course we had to break into the donuts in the car once Shane picked me up.

All in all it was an awesome weekend. We had a lot of fun but I found the city not as walkable as a lot of other cities I have been too. I had to walk very far to make it to my locations but at least I don’t mind walking. We didn’t get home until 7:30 pm and we had a lot of unpacking and getting ready for Monday to do.


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