Thinking Out Loud #35

Hi there! I have a lot of updates for you today. So I hope you are ready! Thanks to Amanda for the usual TOL Thursday posts!


  • I moved to San Diego, CA a little more than a month ago! I cannot believe we have already been here for a month. We LOVE our place here. It has everything we need and is just perfect for us. We have so much to do on the weekends outside; it is a lot better for us than Newport RI was.
  • I will be starting work next week. I am taking a job with Colonial Life as an insurance agent and first had to study for and pass the CA insurance exam before I could start working. I will also be working part time for a energy company that replaces lighting with energy efficient options.
  • Shane will be gone almost the entire summer for different Navy exercises so it will just be me and Sparky, the dog, hanging out in Cali. Luckily my mom is visiting and I have some friends that’ll be here for a bit.
  • The half marathon I signed up for… yeah it got postponed until SEPTEMBER! Something about laws and what not, kinda a bummer.
  • Shane and I made some compromises to make dinners easier for us. I started eating chicken again (after 5 plus years) and he eats more fish and doesn’t complain about it (key- he used to eat it but complain a lot). It makes cooking so much easier and grocery shopping easier too since we usually eat the same meals now. Except he does not like salmon so I plan to have that nights he has to stay on the ship and he also eats red meat once a week on a night that I will just eat leftovers.
  • There is a dog beach near our place and Sparky LOVES IT. Though he does not like having to take a bath afterwards. IMG_1580
  • Lastly, we have been killing the donut shops here in SD. I have a list of places to try out and so far we have made it to Donut Bar, Fresh Golden Donut, & Nomad Donuts. We usually try 6 different types at each place just because we don’t want to keep going back to the same place.


I hope you all enjoyed the updates! Have a great weekend 🙂


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