How I Live A Healthy Lifestyle

Hey theree! How are you doing today? Hopefully great! As you all know a lot of changes have happened in my (our) life lately. Moving cross country is not easy! Nor is being almost solely responsible for our one year old puppy 95% of the time and taking care of our apartment while Shane works long hours and has to sleep on the ship once a week and will be gone for 2.5 months this summer and then 7 months next year. (not looking forward to that)

BUT I love our life here, so far, and have had a lot of fun exploring San Diego and staying active on the weekend outside of the gym. There is so much to do here that is great for your health and definitely counts as exercise. Here is a rundown on my physical activity that I do outside of the gym.

Part of my daily routine is taking Sparky, the puppy, for 3 walks a day. Usually we take a 45 minute walk in the morning, a midday walk of 20 minutes, and a late afternoon walk of 25 minutes. He is still young and has so much energy and while I am out during the day he just sleeps so these walks are great for both him and I. IMG_1502

Next, Shane and I have been going on hikes almost every weekend. There is a great park called Mission Trails Regional Park with many hiking routes. Just last weekend we spent 4.5 hours and 11 miles hiking. Safe to say we were BEAT that night. IMG_1485

Another thing Shane does on the weekend is golf. He LOVES golfing and has some friend out here who do too.

The last thing we do outside is RUN! We both still love running and both have friends to go on runs with a couple times a week. Where we live is great for going out on runs or bike rides (which we have also done).

Why is being active and healthy important? Well for many reasons! World Health Day was just last month and this year focused on fighting the rise of diabetes, a disease that is killing many way too soon and the predominant type- type 2 is very preventable.

Prevention is not just about exercise but also about feeding your body the right foods and keeping your mind free of stress. In our house we make sure to have balanced meals the majority of the time, there is room for treats but not all the time, and leaving work at work and relaxing and enjoying our time together at night stress free. I also practice yoga a few times a week when I am feeling stress or tight in my body. I always feel better afterwards.  Cotopaxi_WHD_v04

So I hope you all are doing things that are good for your body and treating it the way it deserves to be treated. Cotopaxi is a brand that encourages people to get outdoors and try something new everyday and they donate a percentage of their sales to organizations across the world to advance health and other initiatives. They are able to do their most good through their backpacks, which are helpful in staying active.


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