What I Ate Wednesday #81

Hello! How are you today? Happy Wednesday! Today is a good day in our house! It is Shane’s Birthday! He has been gone all week for work stuff but luckily will be home tonight! YAY!

I actually gave him his birthday present on Saturday night because it came while we were out and said what it was on the box so he knew what it was at that point… oh well. Good news is he LOVES it. I got him a Grateful Dead longboard and he was just amazed I found that. He has other presents to open tonight from his parents, his cousin, and my mom so it’ll still be a good low key night. He is going to be beat from spending the last 3 days on the ship with some early mornings. I am making him a steak for dinner (leftover salmon for me) and made him banana pudding for dessert. But my eats featured here are from Monday!


Breakfast: coffee, dark chocolate espresso beans, yogurt with pb cookies & cream protein powder, strawberries, and chocolate honey bunches of oats cereal IMG_1614

Snacks: more coffee and a rice cake with two types of pb and chocolate chips IMG_1625

Lunch: leftover salad from Sunday- spinach, avocado, strawberries, cucumber, tomatoes topped with salmon (I left the salad in the massive mixing bowl from Sunday and just added my salmon) IMG_1636

Afternoon snacks: homemade healthy cookie dough and some unpictured pre dinner kabocha squash with coconut butter  IMG_1640

Dinner: Shrimp, mixed veggies, cauliflower rice IMG_1615

Dessert: coffee nut m&m’s IMG_1638

And thats a wrap for my day of eats. Not my most exciting day but everything was still really good 🙂 I hope you liked my day of eats and make sure to check back for more!


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