What I Ate Wednesday #82

Ops. I seemed to have missed a few weeks again. What can I say? I am very busy and like to disconnect at night and relax with my boyfriend and dog. Except tonight (and last night) Shane has been out on the ship. So that means I have some extra time to blog tonight. I already cooked some squash and made brownies which I will eat some of after this post!


Breakfast: overnight oats topped with banana, chocolate chips and granola. IMG_1648

Lunch: cauli rice, kale, brussel sprouts, eggs, beef-less crumbles, avocado and salsa (a meal that I repeat often) IMG_1653

Snacks: unpictured think thin bar, some cherries, a few dove chocolates and some pretzels with pb were snacked on throughout the day.

Dinner: Pokiritto sushi burrito! Rice, egg, crab, tuna, lettuce and crunchies inside it. IMG_1666

Dessert: that aforementioned brownie with sea salt caramel ice cream. IMG_1723

And that’s a wrap!  This was a pretty good day of eats if you ask me. All of my favorites were consumed! I do tend to snack a lot at work though because snacks are easier to pack than lunch when I leave around 2 each day. It is just what I have found works best for me! Once I get a bit more comfortable with my job and work alone I will have a bit more flexibility to plan my own days. So I hope you enjoyed my day of eats and I hope to get some more posts up!

Have a great Wednesday!


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