Thinking Out Loud #36

Hey there! I am getting in two posts this week! Yay for me! 🙂 How is your Thursday going? I am going Amanda for TOL today.


  • We went to an amazing wedding in Malibu, CA last weekend. Like over the top wedding and the venue was amazing! We had a BLAST!
  • We had to board, Sparky, our dog for the first time. We tried to arrange for him to stay with friends but everyone was busy and we don’t have any family out here. It was a hassle to get it all set up. The dog had to go for an evaluation at the doggie resort and then we realized his shots needed updating, one was over due and the other two were going to expire in June so we went ahead and got them all done. It doesn’t help that he gets car sick and all the driving around did him no good, my car paid the price 😦 IMG_1645
  • Shane is about to leave for the entire summer and I am not excited about that at all :/ Next year when he is gone for 7 months will be even worse! BUT at least my mom is visiting in less than two weeks.
  • It has been a few weeks since our last donut adventure so I think we need to hit up anther place on my list soon! Like this weekend coming up 🙂
  • May gray is finally going away and the sun is shining again! We had a few weeks of almost complete overcast, which I was not expecting. My tan is slowly fading and summer hasn’t even begun!
  • Shane and I had our 5 year dating anniversary on Sunday! Such a long time! Wouldn’t want it any other way 🙂 We purchased gifts the weekend before and opened them Friday so we could take them to Malibu with us. I now have a white LV neverfull bag in my collection 🙂
  • Not sure if you saw my WIAW yesterday but incase you did not… we heard of this place, Pokiritto on the news two weeks ago and tried it out at the end of last week! Sushi burrito! YUM! They also have poke bowls too and everything looked so fresh. IMG_1666
  • And I am out of things to say today! Besides the fact that this guy Buzzy is one a 7 day winning steak on jeopardy! Tell me we are not the only ones who love that show??

Have a great Thursday!


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