Jumping on the Band Wagon

Hey everyone! I missed WIAW this week. I meant to post but all my days were messed up with the Holiday weekend and I never took pictures so I didn’t have anything to throw together. Oh well, next week!


I wanted to tell you all about some new and exciting things in my life. In addition to my main job; that is not very exciting but thats another topic in and of itself. I decided to sign up as a Beach Body coach. I was actually talked into joining another coach and her team so we shall see how it works out for me. I have been vert interested in it for about a year; ever since I signed up for a 21 Day Fix challenge group last summer! I LOVED the Challenge group and the workouts that the program involved. In complete transparency I still do the workouts a few times a week and have since punched Piyo and just bought 22 min hard corps. I love these workouts for whatever type of activity I want to get in for the day whether it is strength, plyos, cardio, etc there are so many options.

Now that other thing that comes along with Beachbody is the Shakology protein/veggie supplement. I have tried the chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and vegan versions (but not the cafe au lait flavor yet) and was not sold on the products. I drank them and it was fine but I was not in LOVE with them. I love me some peanut butter protein powder and they do not make that flavor (yet?)… so this time around I picked out the performance line of supplements to go with my own challenge pack. I was happy to learn that I did not NEED to purchase Shakology since it was not my favorite and would go to waste.

So I hope to be a successful coach, I love health and fitness and everything of the sorts and would love to have something I am passionate about be a big part of my life post collegiate athletics. If you have any questions regarding coaching, challenge groups or the programs let me know!

Linking up for TOL today with Amanda!


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