What I Ate Wednesday #85

So I am pretty good about getting WIAW posts up almost every week but I totally missed last week. My mom was visiting and left Wednesday morning so I didn’t spent a lot of time on my computer and then there was a lot to be done the rest of the week and I failed to get any posts up. But I am hoping to get a post up tomorrow and this weekend! So lets get to my eats for this week.


Breakfast: Smoothie in a bowl topped with granola, coconut, chocolate chips, and berries. Plus always- coffee x2 and dark chocolate espresso beans and then some plantains with peanut butter.IMG_1827

Lunch: bowl of rice, broccoli, butternut squash. chicken, avocado IMG_1780

Snacks: Dirty Chai coffee and some Lara bar bites IMG_1814

Dinner: Kale, veggies, rice, eggs, chicken, avocado, salsa and some sweet potato with pb and coconut butter. I eat this a lot when I am on my own. IMG_1825

Dessert: mug/bowl microwave brownie topped with pb/caramel and pb cookies ben&jerry’s non dairy ice cream. yum! I have had this multiple times this week.IMG_1826

I ended the night sharing some kettle corn with the dog too and then that  was a wrap on my day. I had a lot of good food 🙂 the brownie bowl was bomb. The new dairy free Ben and Jerry’s is so good! Try it out if you haven’t. Otherwise I hope you have a good day!


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