Thinking Out Loud #37

Hey there! How is your Thursday going? Can you believe it is the last day of June already?? Anyone taking an extra long weekend and taking tomorow off work? I will be working a half day myself.

Anyways today is Thursday so that means thinking out loud with Amanda! Let’s get to some rambles.


  • Monday is the 4th of July! What?? I am running the crown city classic on Coronado Monday morning. It is a 12k race so which me luck. Good news is I have never run a 12k so it is an automatic PR!
  • Speaking of runnings… I have been lacking on that since my old teammate moved. For a few reasons- I got shin splints from the track workouts we were doing, we have had unusually hot weather here in SoCal, I like to check social media and email at the gym in the morning/afternoons so cross training is when i do that, and I needed new shoes which I happened to get while my mom as here! YAY! I will start wearing the after the race on Monday.
  • Only 1.5 more months till Shane gets home! He made it to Hawaii and they start RIMPAC in a few days.
  • Sparky, my dog, got fleas last week. Ugh. Let me tell you. I hope never again! Apparently SoCal fleas are immune to the main ingredient in frontline, the type of flea and tick medicine we were using. So he got fleas from some dog at the dog beach last week and it was a nightmare. One of the many times I wish Shane was home to help. I cleaned every day just to make sure I got all the eggs up and killed them all. We also took a trip to the vet and left $300 later with th “special” flea monthly medication. We just bought new frontline last month too so that’s a double bummer. Otherwise doggie is totally healthy and happy the vet said. IMG_1645
  • I finally found a chiropractor in Cali and even on Coronado so I can walk to him and he is awesome! I feel so much better every time I see him.
  • Shane and I have been watching Wheel and Jeopardy every week night… we feel like an old couple not young 20s. lol. I half watch it now that he is gone and spend a little more time on the computer or giving the dog scratches.
  • The Last Ship started last week and is so good already! It is on season 3 and we love it in our house. The cool thing is it was actually filmed on Navy ships; Shane knows a guy whose ship they filmed on and he got pictures with some of the actors.
  • I got a few new bathing suits from the Victorias’s Secret Semi Annual sale and LOVE them! I am so sad that they are not going to be selling bath suits anymore after this year…

And that is about all I have for today. No more thoughts coming to mind so have a great day!

Anyone else love Jeopardy or the Last Ship??


3 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #37

  1. Agh, fleas! I remember once taking my newly rescued stray to the vet for a check-up and the vet finding a flea on him. I was mortified! Not to mention I went home and washed everything I was wearing, everything in the laundry basket, all the bedding, vacuumed everywhere… Ick!
    Sparky looks so cute in that photo. So happy!


    1. It was AWFUL! I found quite a few on him, first it was one then 5 and then when i gave him his first flea bath there were eggs ALL over him. Of course he was on the bed that day too so I vacuumed the entire apartment, the couch, the bed, washed the sheets and towels from his bath, I shaved his body so I could see the fleas better and took him to the vet the next day! He got new medicine plus another flea bath and the apartment got another cleaning! It was a nightmare!


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