What I Ate Wednesday #86

Hey there! How was your forth of July??!

Mine was good. I ran a race in the morning, recap to come soon, then went to the Coronado parade with my neighbor and some people, sat by the pool for a bit, did some cleaning, walked the dog and watched some fireworks. By late afternoon I was pretty tired so I stayed inside for a few hours getting ready for the week before the fireworks. I felt bad for the puppy though, he was so scared of the fireworks!

Back to the real working world today and boy do I have a busy week. We have in office training Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 9-4 everyday. I have a chiro appointment Friday and then I babysit Friday night. Plus I have dinner plans with a friend I went to high school who is moving out to San diego soon on Thursday! I am just getting around to doing laundry tonight too, Tuesday night, so I will have to fold that later too ūüė¶

Seesh, I feel like I need another weekend to recover from the holiday long weekend. But, don’t we all? So lets quit the chit chat since I am beat and get to the eats.


Breakfast: Yogurt bowl with berries, greek yogurt, protein powder, chia seeds, cashew milk, topped with granola, chocolate chips, and coconut plus coffee x2 and dark chocolate espresso beans IMG_1841

Lunch: Kale salad with tomatoes, red peppers, brussel sprouts spaghetti squash, and sesame ginger tofurky IMG_1838

Snacks: Quest cereal bar and this handful of candy x3 (ish?) I snacked on a lot of candy IMG_1858

Dinner: Pre dinner pita chips and Bitchin’ sauce (so yummy almond spread brand here in SoCal – no picture) then I had more kale, peppers, brussel sprouts (I cooked a big batch of veggies) with a salmon burger, an egg, and avocado¬†IMG_1849

Dessert: Halo top birthday cake ice cream on top of a microwave brownie with sprinkles and chocolate chips… but I didn’t take a picture this week. It looked like last weeks except with birthday cake ice cream.

And that was a wrap for the day! I never made it to the store last weekend so luckily the next few days during training lunch is provided and then dinner our Thursday and babysitting Friday so I think I can make it until the weekend with the veggie I already cooked and lots of frozen veggies and fish! It might get boring but oh well. Have a great day!

I will be back Friday with my race recap!


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