Crown City Classic 12k Recap

Hey there! Happy Friday!

Boy am I excited for the weekend. Between the holiday weekend last weekend and training at work Wednesday/Thursday/Friday I am beat! I felt like I was so behind on life all week. Cleaning the floors/kitchen and food prepping on Monday, doing laundry on a Tuesday, and sitting in lots of traffic this week… not a fun week even though it was a short one. I feel like I could fall asleep right now and it isn’t even 8pm yet.

The 4th wasn’t a bad day though, it was fun, I just wish I had Shane around to celebrate with! I was up at 6am on the 4th to take the dog out and drink some coffee before my 7 am race. It was a 12k because 7.4 miles… get it? I hope so. There was also a 5k which I wish I had picked at the turn around point 🙂 It was a hard race for me if I am being completely honest.


7am: The race started, you run under a huge American flag at the start which is cool.

Mile 1: feeling okay, not tired yet but I know I am working pretty hard for such a long race. I hit the mile in 6:36

Mile 2: Seesh already passed the 5k turn around point and was able to pass the girl around my age I was running behind in Mile 1. 6:35 mile.

Mile 3: Dang I am running hard, I wish my feet weren’t so messed up and I was able to run more and actually run this fast effortlessly. I do the math in my head to realize the turn around should be at 3.7 miles so I talk myself into keeping it up until the turn around.6:52 mile. Guess I let up a little bit but I also grabbed a cup thinking it was water and it was purple gatorade and I had to spit it out.

Mile 4: Okay we have passed the turn around, there are only 4-5 women in front of me, I have been running with this lady since mile 2.75 ish and I cannot let her loose me. I can keep this up since we are already on the way back to the finish. 6:43 mile.

Mile 5: Only 2.4 miles left! Woo. Should be less than 20 minutes left. Still running with the same lady but man am I fatiguing. 6:43 mile.

Mile 6: Boy am I happy to be passing the Cornado golf course and with less than 1.5 miles left! Woo. I had planned to pick it up this mile but do not have much left… I realize I only ran 4 times in June… ops. 6:38 mile. What kept me going was following the guys carrying the American flag and cheering in front of me!

Mile 7: Less than one mile! I can do this. I had to weave in and out of 5k walkers this mile and that caused me to slow down a little, we also hit a lot more turns. 6:44 mile.

Mile 0.4: DONE! Dang was that far. 2:37 (about 6:32 pace) I finished in 49:24. I am always happy to be under a big time chunk like 50 minutes.


So I was pretty happy with my finish. I mean compared to what I used to run it was not great but for right now it was pretty good. I want to run more than I do but my heel is re-bruised (fat pad) and causing some plantar fasciitis so thats a no go for now. The race was fun and worth the pain in my foot for a couple days. I came in 1st in my age group, 31st overall and 5th female. Compared to last year the race was  A LOT faster. The winning female time last year was 6:38 pace and this year it was 6:11 pace. So she was quite a ways a head of me and not within reach.

Next race on the calendar is the Avocado half marathon in September!


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