What I Ate Wednesday #87

Hey there! How is your week going?

Even though it is a full week I feel more on top of life than I did last week. I got grocery shopping done over the weekend, some cleaning, and other normal things that prepare me for the week. Not to say I don’t LOVE long weekends but I always seem to feel behind all week afterwards. That being said I cannot wait for next weekend and every other week/weekend until Shane gets home in August! It gets lonely! But at least we live in a great location. With that said lets get to the food!


Breakfast: yogurt bowl per usual. plus coffee and dark chocolate espresso beans. IMG_1866

Lunch: kale, assorted veggies, cod, and squash but peanut butter. IMG_1862

Snack: unpictured- quest cookies n cream bar.

Dinner: Tuna poke with seaweed salad, calamari and some broccoli slaw. I had some pita chips and Bitchin’ Sauce before dinner too.IMG_1870

Dessert: The Cravory cookies! So yummy. I bought 6 over the weekend and this was the last 2. IMG_1871 (1)

Update. It is currently Wednesday morning, I totally forgot to finish this post up! OPS. Now I am off to work! Have a great day!


4 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday #87

  1. Hey just stopping by to say good work on the blog, I’m still sort of a newbie at this whole thing and haven’t succumbed to a official site yet but maybe working on it….love the WIAW post and love that you make so many good meals with whole real nutritious foods, now with that being said where can I get some of those cookies? 😉


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