Weekly Workouts Recap: July 10-16

WOW. It has been awhile since I have done one of these. I miss having a consistent weekly running log but my feet just are not cooperating with me. Especially this week. In addition to my heel problems I got like 4 blisters from a pair of shoes I wore earlier this week. #B2Bsalesproblems

Anyways no running is this workout recap but I have been doing a better job getting in variety lately.


Sunday: 21 Day Fix Extreme upper body + 30 min cardio + 3 dog walks 🙂

Monday: 1 hour cardio + 2 dog walks

Tuesday: 21 DFX Yoga + 45 min cardio + 2 dog walks

Wednesday: 21 DFX upper body (felt like doing upper body again) + some extra arm exercises + 35 min cardio + 2 dog walks

Thursday: 21 DFX plyo + 30 min cardio+ 2 dog walks

Friday: 21 DFX cardio + 2 dog walks

Saturday: short HIIT workout + 2-3 dog walks

Since I am typing this up in advance on Friday night I am not sure how many walks Sparky will get. When it is hot and sunny I usually just walk him outside to go to the bathroom and then back inside. He hates walks in the heat so his morning and night walks are a bit longer.

If you couldn’t tell I am doing a round of 21 Day fix workouts too. I love them and feel so much stronger when I do them consistently. I like to get in some cardio too most days- I either elliptical or walk on an incline at a high speed since my foot is still bothering me; occasionally i will hop on the stair master too.

So there is an update on my fitness right now. Just doing what I enjoy with no real goals except to let my foot get better again (not much else I can do besides not run on it to make it heal since I have an IBD) so I can run again! Now I am turning off the computer and putting on The Longest Ride. Hopefully it isn’t too cheesy!


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