Craft Classic Half Marathon Recap

What?? Half Marathon? She didn’t mention running a half marathon!!! LOL. I signed up the day before the race. Ops.

I ran into my neighbor on Saturday and she was heading to packet pickup and asked if I wanted to run with her. So when she picked up her packet she signed me up and got my stuff too! Then Sunday morning we were up at 4 am and met at her car at 4:15 am to head to the race. We got parked by 5 am and walked to the brewery, where the race ended, to catch a bus to the start. We had PLENTY of time to kill pre race. The race started just after 6:30 am. My pre-race thing is coffee and usually only coffee for a race this early. It is what works for me.

Mile 1 was crowded! I did not wear my Garmin this race either. We were on a bike trail so it was a lot of weaving in and out to get around some people. We finally got some room to spread out by mile 2.

For Miles 0-6.5 I ran with my neighbor and we just chatted. We hit 5k in 22:12 (7:09 pace) and 10k in 44:36 (7:11 pace) . We had some rolling hills throughout this part of the run because it was on a trail/bike path.

At around 6.5 my neighbor was getting a little tired since we started sorta fast and told me to go ahead since we were on pace for me to kill my half PR/only half time. This was right as a big hill came up :/

The next split taken was at 10 miles and right at the bottom of the “king of the mountain” and yes it is as bad as it sounds. I hit 10 miles in 1:12:39 (7:16 pace) after quite a bit of rolling hills and one bigger hill but it was nothing compared to this one. We could see basically from the bottom to the top as it curved around and it was terrible. It was about a 600 ft incline and my split was 10:41 for it and 8:54 pace… not exactly sure how far it was but it was a little more than a mile.

After the King of the Mountain, my legs were shot and we still had TWO more hills to climb and one big down hill. The downhill actually hurt my heel more but my legs were happier on that than the inclines.


I finished the race in 1:37:18 and a average of 7:26 pace. My legs were shot at the end and I am sore from all those hills. My foot does not hurt quite as much as it did after the forth of July race though which is good news! I was 65/1,225 overall, 15/649 females and 5/58 females 18-24.

Other funny thing is I broke about every runners/race day rule in the book. Ops, It happens. You do you and I’ll do me 🙂

  1. I didn’t eat breakfast before (makes me feel sick and have to stop mid race)
  2. I wore new shoes. First run in them to be exact. Ops. But in my defense I have worn the model before and I wear orthotics which are broken in.
  3. I did not refuel within 30 or even 60 minutes after. I downed water and Nuun and some oranges but otherwise I was dehydrated because it was HUMID and couldn’t stomach anything for a while. (Don’t worry I made up for it this afternoon)
  4. And obviously ran the first half faster but that was also because the first half had less hills so no negative splits in this race.

Next race on the calendar is the Avocado Half September 24th in Fallbrook CA. Let me know if you will be there!


7 thoughts on “Craft Classic Half Marathon Recap

  1. Oh boy, you are super fast! Congratulations on such a speedy race! I’m sure your friend was glad to have your support on the course. 🙂


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