What I Ate Wednesday #88

Hey there. Did you catch my race recap on Monday? If not you should check it out! And good news is that my foot is actually feeling pretty good; at least way better compared to my 4th of July race. So with that said no I am not recaping what I ate from race day because… I did not take pictures of all the snacks I ate that afternoon. But I do have my meals from Saturday!


Breakfast: Acai smoothie bowl made with frozen acai, 1/2 banana, 1 scoop pb protein, 1 scoop collagen powder, cashew milk and topped with blueberries, 1/2 banana, granola, coconut, and hemp hearts + coffee/bcaas/dark chocolate espresso beansIMG_1886

Lunch: Ahi Tuna poke and seaweed salad IMG_1884

Snacks: pita chips with bitchin’ sauce, lots of trail mix, and another Quest cinnamon roll cereal bar (no pictures)

Dinner: Flat-out pizza topped with beef-less crumbles, almond milk cheese, and a kale salad (I ate the second half of the pizza afterwards it didn’t fit on my plate) IMG_1878

Dessert: Yogurtland! Smores and coconut flavors. IMG_1876

And that was a wrap on my day of eats. I hope you enjoyed! It was my first yogurt land/frozen yogurt in almost 3 weeks so you can bet I enjoyed that 🙂 I wish there was one on the island I could walk too! Well a yogurt land because there is a lame frozen yogurt place. Anyways… Have a great day!


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