Weekly Workouts 7/15-7/23

Hey there!

I am back again for another workout recap. I hope you enjoyed last weeks and if you missed it check out my race recap which I will link too below! Otherwise have a great weekend!


Sunday: Craft Classic Half Marathon 1:37:18 + 1 dog walk (my neighbor took him out in the morning for me)

Monday: Piyo Core yoga video + dog walks

Tuesday: 45 min elliptical + upper fix extreme + dog walks

Wednesday: 45 min cardio + Piyo sweat + dog walks

Thursday: 30 min cardio + lower fix extreme + dog walks

Friday: 30 min cardio intervals + plyo fix extreme + dog walks

Saturday: Long Run downtown- 11 miles (8:30 average ish, no watch) + dog walks

Other not so exciting news… I lost my first toe nail to running. It was pretty painful/ gross. I got a blood blister under an entire toe nail and when I was cutting my nails it popped and the whole thing came off. So now it is just raw and nasty. You totally wanted to hear that, right?

Another thing I wanted to say. NO I am not participating in this pokemon take over. People have died over this game like what the heck? Please be safe if you are playing that game.


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