MIMM Weekend Recap

Hello. I have not done a weekend recap since Feb? My last one was while we still lived in Newport, RI so it has been awhile. My weekends aren’t all that different so I figured I would at least recap one of them for you all.


Friday: Work 9-3 home around 4 pm. Thanks to SoCal Friday traffic. Once I got home I walked the dog and did the 21 day fix plyo video before showering and making dinner. After dinner I was boring and played with Sparky and watched some Bones and Zoo episodes I had missed.

Saturday: Up at 6am. Got my coffee and took Sparky out on a walk. We saw a neighbor and her husky puppy and we let them play in the sand for a bit. It was a short walk after play time and when I got home I quickly got my stuff together to leave at 7:15 to go run. I met up with my neighbor and we went to her church run group. IMG_1907

11 miles later and a lot of sweat we were done! It was SUPER hot and sunny while we ran and 20 minutes after we finished the sun went away and clouds and wind rolled in… We started and ended at The Rock Church by Liberty Station so food was in order afterwards. I got the biggest apple fritter I have ever seen and an iced coffee. Once home I also made myself a big acai bowl for a more nutritious meal. Plus some plantains and trail mix because… 11 miles. I took the dog on a short walk too when I got home. IMG_1911IMG_1886

After I digested a little bit I decided to do abs. So I went to the gym and basically sat on a physio ball for 10 minutes on my phone before actually committing to some abs. Just keeping it real. The sun was started to come out at this point, now 2 pm, so I went back home and changed into a bathing suit and started laundry before going to the pool and soaking in the hot tub and reading for a bit. It was only semi-sunny but felt nice. I went back home to change laundry and do some cleaning. I vacuumed and dusted and moved our bedside tables around and finished up laundry all by 515 pm. At this point I took sparky on his last real walk of the day which lasts about 20-25 minutes.

Back home again I watched a few youtube videos before making myself dinner around 6:15. Pretty easy throw everything in the fridge on a salad. After dinner I put on some tv. I watched an episode of Hawaii 5-0 and a rerun of jeopardy while playing toss with Sparky. Around 8 pm I started feeling exhausted from the day so I check my step count: 39,878 basically by the time I take the dog out for his night time potty break I will be over 40k.Thats a lot of steps! I did eat a lot more snacks while watching tv too- hello trail mix, ice cream, and pumpkin bars 🙂 Doggie got lots of cuddles and scratches too. He loves nighttime tv time.

Sunday: I was up by 6:30 am so I just hung out for a bit checking emails and drinking coffee before taking Sparky for a walk. We finally headed out around 7:30 and went on an hour walk with coffee in hand. Back just by 8:35 am it was time for breakfast since i woke up so early. Yogurt bowls- the typical ones in my WIAW posts.

I ate and then waited until 945 before heading to the gym. My workout took some extra time since my mom called 20 minutes in and I stepped outside for 10-15 minutes to chat. I finished my workout by 11 am and was back home where I changed into a bathing suit, ate a snack, made an iced coffee and took Sparky out before heading to the pool for a few hours. After the pool I did some meal prep for the week cooking up veggies and making overnight oats. I finished putting laundry away- the hanging stuff. Took Sparky on a walk, watched some youtube videos and then took a shower before making dinner.

I put on the season finale of bones after dinner and got to chat with Shane on Facebook for awhile too! I am so lame now a day and after bones started getting everything ready for work. Since meals for tomorrow were already prepped I set up the coffee pot and pulled out work clothes and put my binder/ stuff in my purse so I don’t forget anything.

All in all it wasn’t a bad weekend: I ran 11 miles, went to the pool, cleaned the house and did laundry, played with sparky a lot, got meal prep done and am ready to tackle another week!

Linking up with Katie and Meghan today.


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