What I Ate Wednesday #89

Hi there! Happy Wednesday! and WIAW at that. I stink at making exciting into to this weekly post so let me just tell you this is what I ate on my long run day. Saturday. Which I recapped in my MIMM post!


Pre Run: coffee + dark chocolate espresso beans

Post Run: Iced coffee + GIANT apple fritter + LOTS of water IMG_1911

Lunch: I didn’t get back home for a real meal until 12 pm but luckily the fritter held me over 🙂 Once home I made a big Acai bowl with frozen acai, 1/2 banana, some extra berries and kale, cashew milk, peanut butter protein powder, and collagen powder. Topped with blueberries, banana, hemp hearts, granola, and coconut. (same as last week) IMG_1886

Snacks: Plantains with cashew butter, trail mix x a lot. (I ate an entire bag in oh 4 days…)

Dinner: Butter lettuce, black beans, tomatoes, butternut squash, sesame ginger tempeh, avocado and pumpkin seedsIMG_1914

Dessert: pumpkin bar + bowl of ice cream. IMG_1919

And that is how I ended the night. I hope you enjoyed my eats! Make sure to check out everyone else’s eats today.


3 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday #89

    1. I totally used a box mix- the Tollhouse pumpkin spice cookie bar mix except we don’t have any baking oils in our house so I used bananas instead and threw in a scoop of pumpkin protein powder ( i would’ve used pumpkin puree too if I had any ) I just got creative with what I did have on hand 🙂


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