Weekly Workouts 7//24-7/30

Hey! Happy Saturday! How was your week? Glad it is the weekend?

I sure am! I have a BIG week next week and am excited to get into it. I finally am starting to feel really comfortable at my job and like I am getting the reigns on things. WOOO. Only two weeks until he is home too!

Well I have another week of workouts for you! I am doing pretty good about variety lately which I like. I am getting more flexible than I have been in awhile which is great!


Sunday: 45 min cardio + Dirty 30 extreme with extra arm exercises

Monday: doggie walks no real workout

Tuesday: Cardio Fix extreme + doggie walks

Wednesday: Piyo lower body flow + 45 min cardio + doggie walks

Thursday: Upper Fix extreme + 30 min cardio + doggie walks

Friday: 20 min yoga + 30 min cardio + doggie walks

Saturday: New weekly long run! Somewhere between 8-11 miles. 13.5 ish (one person had 13 on their schedule so we all did it with her but nice and slow)+ doggie walks.

And thats a wrap on my workouts for the week. I really love my routine right now at the BeachBody programs buttt still wish I ran more but just don’t want to overdue it on my foot. It should be better in another 2 weeks or so and then I might slowly add some more miles. We shall see! Just taking it day by day.

Have a great weekend! I am babysitting this afternoon and then have some work to do tomorrow and will hopefully get some time by the pool.

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3 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts 7//24-7/30

  1. Love the doggie walks section of your workout. If you have an active dog, it’s the best motivation to get out there and exercise. No sleeping in when the dog wants to go.


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