Thinking Out Loud #38

Hey everyone! How is your Thursday going? It has been quite a few weeks since I had rambled so I feel like I have a lot to say so lets get started.


  • Finally Mistresses is new again! It has been about 3 weeks and I have had nothing to watch! #firstworldproblems But I love Mistresses. So much drama.
  • Work is going pretty well. I feel like I am always doing little things for work from memorizing the presentation (we have a lot to cover in short meetings with potential clients), knowing the differences between us and competitors, and prospecting. I am trying to build my network and it is going pretty well.
  • I found the new nut butter filled Cliff bars and cannot wait to try them! The coconut almond butter is going to be the first one I try!
  • One of my good friends here in Coronado is pregnant! Woo. Cannot wait to buy her some baby clothes and meet the little munchkin in the new year!
  • I am bummed there are no good U pick farms here in San Diego. I really miss going to picking buckets and buckets of summer berries! IMG_1411
  • Tonight I am babysitting for parents who are going to the Kenney Chesney concert and I am a little bit jealous. I wish I was going! Shane wants to drive to Vegas for halloween weekend to see his favorite band: Phish so I am trying to get him to go to a country concert before then with me too.
  • Speaking of Shane… he is home in 12 days! Woooo. Then his brother comes to visit 3 days after he gets back. Not the best timing for company but it is the only time that worked for him to visit before his senior year. IMG_4222
  • As for the doggie he is doing great. He is going to freak out when Shane gets home. It’ll be cute to see 🙂 The only thing I don’t get it that he is obsessed with un stuffing his toys. Even after he gets the squeaker  out of them.
  • I cannot wait for those Pumpkin Spice Cheerios to be everywhere! YUM. Never too early for pumpkin foods in my opinion! I need some more pumpkin to bake with as soon as it isn’t 3$ a can.
  • I ordered some books off Amazon the other day and cannot wait to start reading You before Me! I also renewed my runners world subscription. YAY.

And that is all I have for today. I am ready for the weekend! It is a busy one with a run planned, a ship thing with other wives/gf’s of officers and a afternoon of babysitting. So I hope you have a great weekend.


2 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #38

  1. I saw a picture of those pumpkin spice cheerios and want to try them! All our U-Pick berry places have shut down for the season since the summer is so hot in SC. Wish we still had some- at least I have frozen ones and the stores still have a lot of berries…


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