Blog Survey/Currently August

Hey there! Happy Sunday night! I am currently babysitting and had some time to update you on my life so I hope you enjoy! I am going to link this up with TOL this week too!

Guilty Pleasure: Not sure if it makes me feel guilty but I love ice cream/frozen yogurt, trail mix, chocolate covered nuts, and chocolate covered/fancy popcorn. AND DONUTS.

Current Procrastination: Memorizing/personalizing my work script for presentations. I have everything but that down. I can get through about half of it before I botch some of our products.

Fitness Lately: Lots of Beachbody- 21 day fix extreme, Piyo and some runs and other cardio thrown in.

Last Grocery Haul Highlights: Halo Top, trail mix, mini cookies at Whole Foods. Farmers market favorite include Cravory cookies, Superfood Coffee co kefir water, and bitchin’ sauce. IMG_1871 (1)

Current Favorite Show: Mistresses! It is so good! So much drama. I also love The Last Ship too. Both are awesome! If you don’t you should start to watch them.

Favorite Healthy Meal Lately: I love cauliflower fried rice with some shrimp of ‘fake’ beef with an egg and extra veggies like brussels sprouts and red pepper and onion! It is so yummy! IMG_1653

Celebrity Crushes? Channing Tatum & Patrick Dempsey.

Favorite Thing to Wear Lately: I am big on lulu shorts and a boyfriend T outside of work. I don’t dress up much in my free time.

Current Nail Color: Finger nails? Nada, nail paint never lasts on my nails. My toes are a grey metallic color though.

Best Healthy Living Tip: Moderation! I eat dessert most nights. Sometimes it is healthier dessert sometimes not; you just need to keep a good balance.

Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Not a big drinker but I do love Veuve Champagne 🙂 What can I say I have expensive taste.

Favorite Place To Buy Workout Clothes: Lululemon! I own so much stuff from there!

What’s Your Perfect Date Night: Hmmm. I am pretty low key I would love a nice dinner, then to watch the sunset, and end with some yummy dessert. I am pretty easy to please.

Current Book You Are Reading: You before Me.  I know I am late to the game but I just started!  I am not a big book reader but now that we have a pool at our place I needed something.

Favorite La Croix flavor: Grapefruit! (so random but I thought you wanted to know) then lemon then lime.

Dream Vacation: I really want to go to Hawaii and on an Alaskan cruise.

Color of Your Car: Silver. I really want my next car to be white though.

And thats a wrap. Please answer a few of these in the comments below I would love to hear more about you! Have a great night and hopefully a great week!

One more week till Shane is home! YAY.


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