Weekly Workouts 8/7-8/14

Hi! How is your weekend going?

Mine is good because come Monday Shane’s ship will be coming in! I am making sure to clean the house well before he gets back 🙂 I am also trying to finish the book Me Before You this weekend too. I am almost done! Otherwise it is a typical weekend in our household. I am also very into the Olympics too! Are you? Cannot wait for the marathon Sunday morning!


Sunday: 10 mile run (1:22/ 8:12 pace) + doggie walks

Monday: Yoga fix extreme + doggie walks

Tuesday: Dirty 30 + doggie walks

Wednesday: 5 mile evening run (41 min / 8:11 average ) + doggie walks

Thursday: 6 mile morning run (48 min / 8:00 average ) + lower fix extreme + doggie walks

Friday: 45 min elliptical + upper fix extreme + doggie walks

Saturday: 16 mile run (2:10 / 8:06 average) + 1 good dog walk – when I run long on the weeks Sparky doesn’t get his usual morning long walk but this morning he got to play with another puppy for awhile so he was happy and tired by the time we got back home. The only down side was he managed to get sand and dirt all over his paws so he got a bath later in the day 🙂

I would say it was a great week! I got in a lot of runs and a few weight lifting sessions. Linking up with Amanda, Jill, and Ilka.


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