What I Ate Wednesday #92

Happy Wednesday! How is you week going? Shane is home finally! But only for a few weeks before they go back out again… it is going to be a long two years filled with a lot of sea time. But on a happier note I have a full day of eats from my long run on Saturday. If you missed my workout recap- here is it. You can see we ran 16 on Saturday at a decent pace for the shape I am in right now but man was I hungry all afternoon!


Pre run: Coffee with collagen and BCAAs plus some dark chocolate espresso beans.

Breakfast: DONUTS! and my new favorite (and way too expensive) coffee drink from Better Buzz Coffee. It is a blended iced chai with 1 shot, almond milk, and dark chocolate espresso beans.

Lunch: pumpkin pb bread with pb and cake batter muscle egg. Followed by a rice cake with coconut pb and coconut shreds. IMG_2024

Snacks: un-pictured lemon chobani with granola and berries & 1/2 Larry and Lenny’s cookie birthday cake flavor

Dinner:  Chicken, broccoli and sweet potato. Pretty simple since I ate quite a few snacks. Plus some carrots and bitchin’ sauce before dinner was ready. IMG_2027

Dessert: Banana ice cream with pb cookies n cream protein powder topped with granola, coconut, sprinkles, and chocolate chips IMG_2001

And that was a wrap on the day! Hope you enjoyed my eats!


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