Weekly Workouts 8/14-8/20

Sooo I am very late getting this post up. I blame it on having house guests! I also did not draft a post like I normally do through out the week. BUT  I was very active last week still! I’d rather be behind in my posts on workouts rather than the workouts themselves…

I did slack on running though except for the normal Saturday long run. Let me show you how the week went since I am so late getting this up.


Sunday: Cardio Fix + doggie walks

Monday: Plyo fix extreme + doggie walks

Tuesday: 30 min elliptical + 30 min incline walking + doggie walks

Wednesday: Upper fix + 45 min elliptical + doggie walks

Thursday: 65 min elliptical + doggie walks

Friday: Hiking at Three Sisters Falls in the desert-ish. We didn’t actually hike that far but it was hard! There were even ropes involved in climbing up and down + doggie walks

Saturday: 17.25 mile long SLOW run- 2:40 (yes very slow) We ran with a group of girls who run a variety of ranges so the pace was slow. That is okay though I enjoyed the company. Though after that much time on my feet they hurt afterwards.

Still going strong on the 21 day fix workouts which is my favorite way to get in some weight lifting and resistance exercises. My neighbor is currently doing a group challenge so I join her on her normal 21 day fix workouts some morning then do the extreme workouts on my own sometimes too. Our long run was very slow but oh well. Also a lot of dog walks per usual. I love walking my dog and it is good for him! Plus a few other sessions of cardio. All in all a great week!

Hope you enjoyed my recap! Linking up with Amanda, Jill and Ilka.


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