Weekly Workouts 8/21-8/27

Hi there! How are you? This week was kinda crazy for me.

With having Shane’s brother visiting and entertaining I was quite busy. He left Thursday morning and Shane also had duty that day so it was just the dog and I that night. We hung out, caught up on Mistresses, and cleaned the house. Not exciting things but they needed to be done.

I also got in all my workouts too. Woo. I love getting in my morning workouts before getting the day started.


Sunday: 45 min elliptical + doggie walks

Monday: 65 min elliptical + doggie walks

Tuesday: 21 day fix cardio + dirty 30 + doggie walks

Wednesday: Piyo sculpt + doggie walks

Thursday: morning 6.5 mile run (51 minutes / 7:50 pace) we did 3 min on/ 3 min off x6 with a warm up and cool down. + doggie walks

Friday: 65 min cardio + doggie walks

Saturday: 13.1 mile 10 mile long run- ran trails around balboa park this week which was a nice change of pace except I sorta tripped over a rock going downhill and it bothered my ankle for the rest of the run so when one person had to end early for a work conflict I stopped too. Not worth it when I am not training for anything.

Linking up with Amanda, Jill, and Ilka today.


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