What I Ate Wednesday #93

Happy Wednesday. How are you today? I am doing well ! Been SUPER busy. I have my eats from Monday for you today- a work day in the office. Actually a really good day of eats. Thankfully because it definitely felt like a Monday. I was exhausted and hungry ALL day long.

Our dog got groomed Saturday and besides being an awful haircut they managed to give him razor burn which he will not stop licking and biting. He hasn’t been sleeping at night and as a result we are not sleeping much either. He also is not eating and just all around miserable. I ended up hand feeding him some treats after he had not eaten for two full day 😦 We went and bought him a cone too so he would stop licking himself and hopefully sleep tonight!


Pre-Breakfast: Coffee with BCAA’s and collagen peptides, dark chocolate espresso beans

Breakfast:Very green smoothie bowl- kale, banana, strawberries, pb protein powder, greek yogurt, cashew milk with toppings. IMG_2079

Lunch: Left over sushi from the night before from Yummy Sushi on Coronado. Eel roll/seaweed salad/California sunset (specialty) roll plus some trail mix. I even had some diet Dr. Pepper at work too which is a very rare occasion that I drink soda but I was BEAT. IMG_2089

Snacks: more trail mix, plantains with cashew butter, and and no cow bar.

Dinner: Sweet potato nachos. I forgot to take a picture of my plate so you get a picture of leftovers… sweet potatoes and zucchini topped with almond milk cheese, black beans, ground chicken, tomatoes, avocado plus greek yogurt and salsa IMG_2100

Dessert: Lemon Raspberry Nothing Bundt Cake that Shane and I split 🙂 SO GOOD. IMG_2087

All in all a great day! I hope you enjoyed my eats.


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