Weekly Workouts 8/28-9/3

Hey! Happy Saturday! How the heck is it September already?? Time is FLYING by. The days are getting colder, even here in SoCal, and the sun is rising later and later. I like the cool mornings but I am already losing my tan. Boo.

It doesn’t help that I haven’t been spending as much time by the pool either. The cloud coverage disappears later in the morning now sometimes not until lunch time and on the weekends we have been doing more since Shane is home. Not a bad thing I am just surprised how fast my tan went away… anyways still doing well with the workouts so lets recap.


Sunday: 30 min cardio + doggie walks

Monday: Piyo Buns + doggie walks

Tuesday: 65 min cardio + doggie walks

Wednesday:  upper fix extreme + core video + doggie walks

Thursday:45 min cardio + lower fix extreme + doggie walks

Friday: 45 min cardio + doggie walks

Saturday: 19 mile long run (Shane took the dog on his walks) – we stopped for around 5 minutes at mile 14 and man was that a bad idea. We were trying to regroup with two more girls behind us and stopped at a bathroom for water etc and once we started back up again it HURT. The last 5 miles were tough but we still got a few good clips in. Luckily it stayed cloudy the entire run so the temps were great and we got big iced coffees afterwards! IMG_2117

Another good week! I would like to run a bit more but my toes were bothering me from a derm. issue. I had an appointment Friday and got a prescription to solve that issue so hopefully it goes away soon. Fungus is NOT fun.

Anyways have a great long weekend! Linking up with Amanda, Jill, and Ilka this week.


5 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts 8/28-9/3

  1. 19 miles done – very awesome! I can imagine how much the remaining 5 miles hurt after you took a 5 minute break. I always try to avoid stopping once I’m in the flow of running otherwise I lose my momentum. Great active week – plus all the walks with the doggie! Have a great (Running) week!


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