Weekly Workouts 9/4-9/10

Hey there! I am late to getting this recap up. Usually I draft it all week so that I do not forget what workouts I did but here I am Saturday typing it all up! Ops.

I totally slacked on the weights this week too. I just wasn’t feeling the usual 21 day fix workouts where I get a lot of my strength training in now a days and I didn’t want to do a traditional lifting session most days either. I go through phases of either minimal weights, traditional strength, or 21 day fix videos. This week was only a little of each.


Sunday: doggie walks + walking 14 holes of golf with Shane = a LOT of walking that day. Not a traditional workout day but we got a lot of steps in.

Monday: 75 min cardio + doggie walks

Tuesday: 35 min run (4.5 miles) + doggie walks – that was a tough run. I ran around 3 and it was still super sunny out.

Wednesday: 65 min cardio + core workout + doggie walks

Thursday: plyo fix extreme + doggie walks

Friday: 45 min cardio + upper body weights + doggie walks

Saturday: 20 mile long run downtown San diego (2:50 / 8:30 average) – we went through Shelter Island, Harbor Island and down the Embarcadero along the water front and back to Point Loma. We ended tired! The last few miles were rough. We went to Jamba Juice after the run which was a nice treat!

And thats a wrap. Linking up with Jill, Amanda, and Ilka!


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